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Turn change into revenue and profit with Merchandise Financial Planning

Changing demand into unique and profitable product, store, and omnichannel offerings is easier said than done if you're using spreadsheets in siloed functions. Your planning process can't adapt to rapid change or disruption, now constants. But retail leaders can do more than adapt.

There are hidden opportunities to uncover during change and disruption - opportunities to grow revenue and improve margins.

What's the secret? Merchandise financial planning (MFP). Join our webinar with Slalom to gain valuable insights into how MFP can transform your retail processes.

Learn how you can:
• Take control of constantly changing demand - Plan through the bumpy roads of product, store and market fluctuations, including
seasonality, assortment, and price sensitivity, to gain real advantage
• Bring all of your stakeholders together - Connect your planning to anticipate change, create customer excitement, and turn traditional
problems of seasonality, stockouts, and markdowns into opportunities
• Preserve margins and grow revenue - Act fast on real-time insights across stores, omnichannel, and emerging customer buying

Our expert speakers will share strategies, best practices, and real-world examples that showcase the power of connected planning.