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Elevating Resource Allocation and Management at the University of Nevada, Reno

The higher education industry is going through unprecedented challenges with uncertainly and disruptions to its business model, and institutions need to have better data, systems, and processes to support agile planning and improve data-driven decision-making. The University of Nevada, Reno embarked on its Connected Planning journey to overhaul the university’s existing budget process to improve resource allocation, increase stakeholder engagement, and enhance administrative efficiency. Join this webinar to learn how your university can elevate its resource allocation and management process.

Experts from University of Nevada, Reno and truED Consulting will share:

- How to leverage technology to optimize resource allocation and provide more timely, useful budget information to the university community and its constituents.
- Best practices with budget development, allocation, and monitoring.
- University of Nevada, Reno’s transformation journey to Connected Planning in the cloud.